One form, many many manifestations.

December 10, 2007


When White Crane elders sit around and talk about the “3 treasures” of White Crane, they are, ahem, not talking about “family jewels” or anything close…

Regarded by many Whooping Crane old timers (I am too young to be included here!), San Chin, Ba Bu and Shi Men, the 3 entry forms are paramount to every Whooping Crane practitioner.

You just don’t stop doing them.

In fact, Sanchin is thought of as the start and the finish as reflected in these words “Begin training with San Chin and do it until death. All Kung Fu is found within”.

Those of you familiar with throat contraction, expanding/collapsing of Dantien and “Tiao Gung”, digging with the toes and “bouncing” off the heels will know what I mean.

BaBu takes Sanchin a little deeper and in Whooping Crane, this is where you learn“fa shen” or “sound triggers”.

Shi Men or “4 doors”, personally, is the bedrock of Whopping Crane fighting.

“Greet the opponent at the main doors, take him at the side doors” is self-explanatory.

Got here a clip of folks from different lineage doing BaBu; currently working on compiling all my materials pertaining to this form.

And please, the “bobbing” that you see many of the demonstrators display is one uniqueness of Whooping Crane “fajing”.

Done in varying degrees depending on lineage …..

Elders tell me, the more advanced you get, the less noticeable this becomes.

Well, I bob quite a bit when I do SanChin and Babu.

All because I am just but a beginner.

But that’s okay, I am still young.


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