Since the day was gorgeous this morning, too lovely to be stuck indoors, I decided to make another call at Leong Sifu or Lao Liang’s home for some more of his brand of White Crane.


And this time, I went all ready; a camera and pertinent questions about his Whooping and Flying Crane; the 2 cranes that are presently on my radar screen as far as “research” is concerned.


Specifically the form known as “BaBuLien” or “8 Linked Steps” that is found in both Flying and Whooping Crane; I am working on compiling all the versions found in White Crane together with the fist-poems from the various streams.


Russ has already given me many different versions from the Okinawa and Japanese side and a compilation would be interesting to folks looking into the background ands origin of the form.


Lao Liang, in his 70s, was so accommodating when I asked to view his versions and he even included detailed explanations of the “swallow, spit, float and sink” – crucial concepts embedded in the form.


Also, this is so thrilling; he suggested that I should show up at his place regularly so that he could pass his Whooping and Flying crane over to me.


And people asked me why I decided to stay in Sarawak…………








Hey hey hey, this is so amusing … ever since Russ posted a clip of himself; I received a couple of mails asking for a clip of me in action.


So, I went through my collected works and found this short footage done 3 years ago; a documentary about fighting arts in Borneo.


So here you see me teaching some of CMAA athletes in the training center and footage from a Sunday morning outdoor session.


A little bit of Lohan, White Crane …….. and a whole lot of sunshine….


I can see clearly now, the rain is gone………..