There is this unending discussion about TCMA training and “forms” and this big divide about paradigm…

Throughout my whole CKF life, “forms” are the centerpiece. However, this is not to say that they are the ends because in the periphery, equally if not more important, are “gung” training.

“Training Kung Fu and not train gung, you end up with NOTHING” – I think everyone appreciates that.

So how much are we devoting into this gung training should be the more relevant question. Anything from stretching, hardening, san shou (sparring) to spiritual training, CKF is a compete package.

Forms must be supplemented with all the above and not simply a storage of stringed techniques.

Personally, every time a form is done, it is the sum total of all training starting with “Ji Ben Gung”.

A good form performance exhibits everything….