Planet of the Apes ?

March 10, 2008

Another view of “Yuan Gung Quan” – Art of Ape Power.

The ground sliding kick is something that you see a lot in Singapore/Malaysia Zhou Jia also; avoiding a high gate attack and sliding into opponent’s legs.

We call it “sheen tui” – eeerh spelling it the way I pronounce in my pathetic Cantonese.

Don’t shoot me! Me not Cantonese!!!





SaoLim Lotus Form.

March 8, 2008

Folks, a short glimpse of Ven. Sek’s SaoLim Lotus or “Lien Huay” in Fukien.

 Sorry, the owner only gave permission to present partial view of this form …..

And for good reason too; SaoLim is one of the arts that I do since way back and over the years, there has been just too many perversions of Ven. Sek’s legacy.

Don’t know much about Medan, Indonesia but in Penang and my hometown, Singapore – all sorts of forms have been put forth as “SaoLim”. 

What I do know and this is confirmed by SaoLim elders, direct disciples of Ven. Sek, is that there are only 3 “mother” empty-hand forms :- 

  1. Yi Ki Muay or 1 stalk Plum flower.
  2. Lien Huay or Lotus
  3. Lohan

There are many other forms transmitted by Ven. Sek but these are the seed forms and every SaoLim student must learn/master at least one. 

Ven. Sek is known to have passed dissimilar forms to different disciples but these 3 are more or less elemental. Simply put, if you’re Saolim, you must be able to do at least one of the 3.

With the passing of many of Ven. Sek hand picked disciples, the race is on to document and archive as many of the skill sets as possible before it mutates to something else altogether…





Mixed Martial Arts in Asia.

February 26, 2008








No not talking about the latest fads in “MMA”, this idea of mixing has been around for a while.

Some 30 plus years I would say all over Asia.

I’ve read about fusion of various CKFs, CKFs and Muay Thai, Judo, karate and TKD in various forms and shapes. Hey, they are even mixing Silat and other art forms and teaching them all over Singapore and Malaysia.

I do Taizu (Grand Ancestor) under the banner of “San Cheen Do” which is a blend of Taizu, Wuzu, Karate, Judo and Muay Thai in Singapore at a time when you also find other hybrids like Chap Koon Do (CLF and Karate), Nam Wah Pai (mixture of several Northern/Southern CKFs), Khong Chang (Fong Yang and Karate/Judo), Hong Quan Dao, Quan Chi Dao etc etc…

Even the authorities got into the act.

In an effort, personally I think ill-advised; the Singapore Wushu Federation rounded up some traditional teachers and assembled a form called “Zhong He Quan – Combined Fists”.

This later became a compulsory form for anyone testing to be a traditional Wushu instructor.

Nothing wrong with the concept; putting out a form to “bond” the various major styles active in Singapore but it’s the cut & patch job jerky flow that raised quite a few eyebrows.

Mainland did something similar but in this case, they concentrated on southern styles that gel almost seamlessly.

In Singapore’s case, we got Fukien Soalim one minute, then Chin Woo’s stuff and then Hakka …….. aaarrrgggghhhhhhh!!!

Rojak – Singapore style fruit salad is what it is.

Frankly, I hated the form but because it was compulsory….like I have no choice…..

But folks this story has a happy ending … it’s no longer in circulation, they abolished that testing system and I am sure few, if any at all, do it anymore.







Sawadeekup – Muay Thai.

February 9, 2008

Muay Thai – my path is crossing with this deadly efficient fighting art once again. 

Back some years ago, I was in Singapore and working with one of my Saolim sihings, Collin Chan. 

Collin, a successful businessman wanted to introduce Muay Thai into Singapore and there I was finding myself involved…in a very small way….. 

It was through Collin that I met Stephan Fox, the current General Secretary of World Muay Thai Council. 

Originally a Wing Chun man, Stephan went on to do and later became a champion in his Muay Thai career. 

And now that we are mooting the idea of launching Muay Thai in Malaysia; who else would I go to for guidance? 

Collin and Stephan, of course and that exactly why I will be flying to Singapore this month end – to explore…. 

To me Muay Thai is what effective fighting is all about – keep it uncomplicated and keep training repetitiously, solo and with a partner. 

To learn how to fight, you got to fight and that’s precisely why Muay Thai is so highly regarded as a “fighting art”.

It’s all about “fights”……








Responding to a request.

January 14, 2008

Got a youtube message asking for more clips from GM Poon Seng 43rd anniversary performance – obviously a big fan of GM Poon Seng….

Ooookay, I’ll try to post as much as possible from the DVDs..


Hakka Wing Chun Kuen

January 13, 2008

Keeping in the vein of things Hakka, here’s a “Hakka Wing Chun” clip.

Footage taken in Hong Kong some 20 -30 (maybe more) years back, got no info of the background of the form or performer.

Duh, this form is announced as “Hakka Wing Chun” so no mail from anyone telling me I got it labeled wrongly.

If you must, write to the presenter ….. If you can find him ……hahaha…

Again, with some historians recording 600+ styles of CKF, how certain are we that we’ve seen the big picture.

CKF is a huge elephant folks, so let’s not be the 6 blind men…

It’s Sunday still, remember?

And I am still in the “preachy” mood…..



More CLF.

January 12, 2008

From the same DVDs that GM Chia gave me in Singapore, here’s another extract:-

GM Poon Seng doing one of his forms.

This is one master that I read so much about growing up, in all the magazines and books published in Hong Kong in the 70s and 80s.

Now, to be able to watch him in action even if it is only in a video recording is really inspiring….

You know the more I see all the senior masters performing, at an age that most would have problems just moving around, the more persuaded I get; TCMA is the right path…..