Ahem, like I’ve been saying, subtly, how it has been raining a great deal these last couple of weeks here; last Sunday, proving the weatherman right, it was raining …like…not so subtly.


So what do you do on a soggy Sunday?


Well if you’re CMAA, it’s business as usual.


Engaged to present Dragon/Lion and CKF performance to launch a spanking new food court in town, the athletes were the least bit bothered by the downpour.


High in spirits, they were simply having a swell time doing what they do best, entertain and enthrall the dinner crowd.


So, it could be that I am getting old or I had my expensive non water-resistant digital camera, I was looking for dry spots to shoot.


And that was when I spotted Chester Lim – the man in charge of CMAA.


A little conversation later, I found out that the kids were doing this to raise their own funds to travel to Miri soon to compete in a CKF tourney.


Now if that is not Kung Fu, I don’t know what is……