What’s in a name ?

December 27, 2007

A lot if you are talking about oral accounting.

Especially when you are trying to piece together histories and all you got to fall back on are orally transmitted histories.

Spoken about this elsewhere, repeating it here:-

Form                 Japanese                       Fukien                           Fuzhou

3 battles            Sanchin                         San Chiem                     San Jin

18                     Seipai                           Chuck Paik                     Saik Paik

24                     Nesheshi                       Ni Chuck Si                    Nay Saik Say

36                     Sanseiru                        Sar Chuck Luck              San Saik Lurk

108                   Suparinpei                     Chit Park Lin Paik            Sok Park Lin Paik


Names in Fukien/Fuzhou spelled as they are commonly pronounced in those dialects.

If I were to go with the above, I am going to say the names of kata were pronounced in Fuzhou at the point of crossover to Okinawa. 

The good question is then, are they Fuzhou forms of those names? 

If yes, are they the similar, like Sanchin?

Got here a Fukien Shaolin form, also named “36”.

Looking at the form, I am disposed to think “5 Ancestors” or “Grand Ancestor” but the opening salute disagrees.   

Not a “temple” form, what with that “Ming” salute that suggest otherwise…..

So what’s in a name really?

(Name of techniques in the clip recited in Fukien)