Merry Christmas …….

December 19, 2007


Ho Ho Ho …….

We do a “staff gathering” once a month, you know, talk about this and that; mainly bonding.

This being December, the company decided to have a little early Christmas party… so for couple of hours, everybody was letting their hair down and having fun.

So from all of us:-


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lohan – no, not Lindsay!

December 19, 2007

This is a clip I posted in March of this year.

Attracted some comments since and I was just too lazy to response – some folks see a snowflake and they scream “winter”!

Since I am talking Sanchin and Lohan here, I thought I include some of my thoughts here:-

This is a traditional Shaolin Luohan northern form. The performer, like most performers from the mainland, oozes “Wushu” with their flamboyant deliveries.

I got a collection of Southern Shaolin monks doing southern forms and again, most folks would label them as “Wushu”.

Sometimes I suspect it is the “over-the-top” speed, power and rhythm that raise eyebrows; so they all get lumped into the “Wushu” bin.

I have seen the form in the clip done by folks in Singapore many years ago and albeit not exact replicas but still you could tell it’s the identical form.


There’s even a “southern” version of the form that the late Sebastian Soh did to show me; delivered with the speed, power and spirit that are so exclusive to him.

And oh before I forget, someone commented about the music I added to the clip; Jacky Chan’s “Drunken Master” was mentioned…

Ah…… no – this is an old Chinese instrumental piece known as “The General’s Order”……

Know your numbers.

December 19, 2007

Time to know the 12 girls better – right, not in the biblical sense!


Really got to see them “live” someday……