I know, I know, this is not martial arts….

This is ZHOU XUAN – “song goddess” to many, including yours truly here.

Someone noted in one of Zhou Xuan’s youtude clips :-

“I was only 7 years old when she passed away. But did I DISCOVER her. This video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. Her music will forever lives in my heart! Thank all of you who took the trouble to post her film clips on YouTube. I kow-tow.”

I kow-tow too.

A classic Zhou song here that really stands on its own, after all this time – many covers but none come close.

A good friend was asking, why Zhou Xuan?

Well, if I need to explain, you’ll never understand…….

It’s been 50 years since she left …

May God bless her always.






It’s that time of the year again…monsoons are here…..

Foiled my initial plan of driving out to the outskirt to call on Sifu Kong Shu Ming, the Hakka Suppressing Tiger Boxing high hand for some more of his distinctive Hakka fists. 

So I decided to spend time at a local IT expo, with any luck, to pick up some bargain accessories.

On the way back, I stopped at a coffee shop for a cuppa and remembered I am really just a stone throw away from a White Crane elder, Sifu Leong or “Lao Liang” as he is widely known around here. 

Sifu Leong is one of the few in-door disciples of GM Huang Yi Ing still around.

In his 70s, he is retired and couple of years back, had a major heart operation; the reason why I did not invite him for the recent Penang event.

I’ve always been fascinated with what the late GM Huang taught and based on what I have read and heard, he was a foremost White Crane master to be reckoned with even when he was in China – deemed by many to be one of the principal authorities of Fukien/Fuzhou White Crane boxing.

Those of you who read CKF magazines published in the 70s and 80s must know this; each time an article on Fukien White Crane appeared, GM Huang’s name was quoted – de facto. 

Lao Liang is one of my very few sources to GM Huang’s “Ming Zhong He”, a complex blend of Fukien / Fuzhou and Whooping Crane. 

His grasp of Crane fighting is really insightful and every session with him is educational for me.

After some 30 years in White Crane boxing, I am persuaded to think that I’ve seen it all but Lao Liang changed all that for me…

The one common form that we share is “Ba Bu Lien” or “8 linked steps” also found in some karate as “Happoren”.

So that was how I spent a rainy afternoon, learning the underpinnings of a 200 years old form called “Paik Poe Lien” or “Ba Bu Lien” in Fuzhou…

Well, not the end yet; we made another appointment to meet up and this time I will video him in action.