12 girls ….

December 14, 2007

This is another band that I listen to a lot; sometimes playing throughout the day in the back. 

Love the erhu, pipa …..heck love all 12 of them… 

One time, I even got one of their pieces as my cell phone ringtone….



One man’s meat …..

December 14, 2007

Errrhhh, just found out they’re discussing a couple of youtube clips I posted over at KFO.

So basically we got folks unhappy with me labeling one clip as Hong Jia or Hung Gar.

Well, I am just labeling it the way it’s announced in the footage; the lady voice introduced that exponent as Hong Jia. 

So …..

Yes, I do think that performance is biased towards “modern” Wushu but still, I like the delivery; fast powerful and very focused. 

In fact, I kinda like most of the pioneer “Wushu” – you still see some traditional elements plus all the new fancy stuff done, in some cases, seamlessly. And if I pay no attention to all the aerial acrobatics and gauge them according to “fast, power and ruthless” yardstick, I think they are actually good – by any standards.

I was talking to a Wushu friend recently and he, jokingly, said “TCMA is modern Wushu done sloppily”.

Well, it’s all a matter of perspectives, don’t you think?