Kitaro-Symphony of the forest

December 13, 2007

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Someone wrote:-


Remember: The yesterday was never. Tomorrow will never come. This day will last forever. Enjoy the moment and celebrate the eternal life. I am the moment – eternity.


Eeerrhhhh, so right!

White Crane, Saolim Lohan and Southern Fukien Grand Ancestor are, more or less, the mainstay of my KF training.

So you’ll excuse me if I keep coming back to these; do have some degree of introduction to Zhou Jia, Saolim monkey and Hung Gar but seriously I know too little about those to say anything important…

Still, I will try – so DON”T SHOOT ME, yada yada yada …..

White Crane, we all know the prevalent story.

Founder Fang Chi Niang, daughter of Fang Hui Shi, a Northern Lohan boxer and was reportedly caught up with fighting the Ching rulers. So father and daughter were moving form places to places, to evade detection maybe, but finally settled in the South in Fukien province.

Then we have the story of Miss Fang, trained by her father in Lohan, encountering a flock of cranes, mimicking and adding crane movements into her kung fu. This later developed into what we all recognize as “Fang Chi Niang White Crane Kung Fu”.

Or Yong Chun White Crane, named after the place where she founded the art – something like that.

She married “Chen Shi” – another Shaolin boxer but this time, a “tiger” boxer.

White Crane is very multifaceted; believe me, I’ve been doing this sh*t for about 40 years and still trying to get to the bottom…

Talking to elders, one thing keep coming through though and that is Fang’s White Crane has constantly been aligned to Shaolin.

So older White Crane folks have always refer to it as “Shaolin White Crane”, not to be mistaken with “Shaolin crane” which is a component of the “5 Animals” system.

Why Shaolin?

Because of her dad status? Perhaps it was the custom – all that “Overturn Ching Restore Ming”, “Heaven Earth Society”, “White Lotus”, “Red Boat” blah blah blah…

The rationalization given is that White Crane fighting is, more or less, based on Shaolin Lohan rudiments and that early White Crane all feature some form of noticeable “Lohan” training.

Okay, this I concur, we do Lohan in both Fuzhou Ancestral and Whooping Crane and I’ve seen many peers, in other lines, doing “long limb” Northern flavored techniques.

Got a clip here of another version of “San Zhan” or “3 fights/battles” – I think you’ll agree with the “Lohan” flavor. Will be posting more of various San Zhan later…..