You asked for it.

December 2, 2007

Doing something unusual here; entertaining a request for a particular footage and in this case, WuZu 2 men. 

I usually go with my own flow but in this case, the flow is more or less in the same direction, so…. 

Was going to post this, anyway, at a later date to underline what I said earlier regarding traditional training; 2 men drill are designed to cover many aspects of fighting training. 

More than techniques, dexterity and speed, I think this series of WuZu 2 men also exemplify clearly the “hardening” that you would normally think of as 3, 5 or 7 stars “knocking”, you know forearm to forearm, elbow to elbow, shin to shin etc….  

What I like best about the way they move is the tightness of execution. Almost no break between any techniques; kind of take me back to the fist poem that Ku Sifu wrote for me in Penang. 

“Using tightness to overcome looseness” found in his Ban Chung WCK ideology.

Or like in Tai Chi’s “Continuous without pause or end”… 

Even the White Crane that I do has a line that says “A technique does not stop but starts the next, all sequences directed by the concept of 5 elements”.

Another topic for another day….




Rain, rain go away….

December 2, 2007

Just got to link this :-



And the poster wrote:-


About this video:


A classic Chniese pop song from the 40s. originally sung by Zhou Xuan. Another beautiful and tragic Chinese actress. The Chinese title is Yong Yuan De Wei Xiao (Eternal Smile or Forever Smiling). This version is sung by Taiwanese singer song writer Lo Ta-Yu. It’s a haunting version with just acoustic guitar; I consider it as the best version of the song that I have come across.


Some of you might be wondering; is he running out of things to say about Kung Fu?


Hahahahaha …. Nope, I only just begun…….


Well, this is one of those forlorn wet soggy Sundays that you just wanna do nothing and connect with something on a higher plane..