Arrrrh, it’s always so tough to talk about myself; besides my poor English, there’s really nothing much to say except that I am what I do.

And what I do is never far from traditional CKF and everything that’s in some ways related to it. I love Chinese music from the 20s, 30s and 40s and similarly, Kung Fu from those periods, fascinate me the most; the masters, styles and events, I could go on for days just talking about them.

Being a “Hua Chiao” or overseas Chinese, there is this need for me to connect with my forefathers’ roots and knowing how things are never the same in China after the Cultural Revolution, I sense an immense need to look for it elsewhere. The lifestyles, cultures and traditions replanted in other soils and sadly, also fading slowly into oblivion, are things that matter the most to me as a Chinese. My efforts have been in most parts, seeking these out and helping them survive, if not in practice then at least in records.

Not a easy road to take especially if you’re from a place like Singapore where everything is about keeping up with what’s new and trendy, oftentimes and sadly, at the expense of one’s own cultural identity. Preservation is not exactly a priority ….

I love it when my dad said, that many years ago; “Embrace the new but never, never forget the old”

And that’s how I intend to live my life.


PS. My paths so far :-

  • Shaolin 
  • Fuzhou Ancestral and Whooping Crane
  • Fukien Taizu or Grand Ancestor Boxing
  • Zhou Jia (short path because I relocated from Singapore to Sarawak away from my Zhou Jia teacher)
  • Present detours include Hakka Chu Gar Suppressing Tiger and Internal Jin Praying Mantis
  • Day trips include Cho Gar Wing Chun everytime I shuttle to Penang to touch hands with GM Cheong Wai Por. 

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