This pic was taken some 4 – 5 years ago when I first got here. Shot outside a place called “Fairies’ Cave” – awesome …. the cave I mean!

Time to take a short pause and “reflect” a little….

When I first started this weblog, gotta tell you, it was strange, really.

Quite unlike playing in a forum, you know, kinda like a “chat” room, a blog is pretty one-way at times;” HELLO, is there anybody out there, this is Captain Tom speaking…..”

WordPress is good in the sense that I get to access the statistics behind; how many views, from where and other stats that I don’t really bother.

Still got to remind myself sometimes that this is the “new thang” – an electronic journal – so apt for logging the journey that I am on.

And with view stats climbing towards 12K, it’s not just me shooting rubber bands at the moon after all….hmmmmm…..

Folks come up to me and say that I am wasting too much time on the internet; you know this blog and posting on youtube etc etc….

A good friend even added that if you post a clip of yourself holding a pack of “Marlboro” in your hands, there will be those who will challenge you and call that pack everything but ……

Another friend posted a clip, a while back, with himself doing a form and he got some very colorful comments; one even disputing his form…

This friend of mine, jovially, told me “hey, I got folks from half way around the world telling me who my father is”…hahahahaha….

And then there is this thing with folks still writing to tell me that I got my clips labeled “wrongly”.

Once and for all, I want to stress that I labeled them accordingly to the owners or described within the footages. I am not in the business of “reinventing” or “renaming”.

Or think that I know all and go around “correcting others”.

If, in my lifetime, I could somehow put the thousands of manuscripts, books, magazines and video footages on-line – I would consider my “mission” accomplished!

The more info I put out there, the lesser others got to “shoot rubber bands in the dark”.

On that note, I like to wish all of you, whoever you are :-

“A peaceful, happy and fruitful New Year”…..