There are those who, unknowingly, think there is no “ground fighting” in CKF.

Like I always say, historically 600 plus recorded system, and to declare something like that is pretentious, to say the least.

Or to put it accordingly to a CKF veteran here; what you don’t know about does not means its does not exist.

How much CKF have you been exposed to?

In my own limited experience, I have come across 2 systems that emphasize “ground fighting”.

The first is Shaolin Monkey and in my younger insatiable days, I picked up a form or 2.

The other is “Snake” or to be more exact “Python” style. A system that I was, unfortunately, only able to watch and not partake.

Got here an illustration of Shaolin Monkey – 2 techniques from the first form that I learned as a kid.

The first 3 pics are sequential and the 4th is a typical “locking” technique found in Shaolin Monkey.

The first technique uses the forward dive stretching shoulder bump to take your opponent down and flipping over for a elbow slam into the opponent’s groin





Taiwan Zhou Jia Quan.

December 8, 2007

Perhaps it just me but every time you cite Taiwan’s Wulin, Fukien and Hakka styles come to mind.


With her high population of these 2 dialect groups, I logically assume that you would hear more about White Crane, Tai Chor, Chu Gar, and Li Gar etc…


So when my Sihing, Peter Lum, told me about a Taiwan Zhou Jia, I was really curious; their histories, lineage and syllabus.


Brought to Taiwan by a Sifu Wu Jian Zhou, originally from Canton, Zhou Jia is part of the Lin Nam group there.


Sifu Wu got famous for his exceptional skills in using the umbrella in fights and it’s this “umbrella” form that my Sihing got a hold of for me.


Here a snippet and I will put up more info about this Lin Nam group once I receive more materials…soon…