All in the family?

December 4, 2007

Now that Russ is on-board, this weblog should start seeing a clearer “theme”; comparison of Karate and Southern Fukien Boxing.


If our time together in Penang and Kuching is anything to go by, I think we should be covering a wide spread in this blog.

Personally, I think to just look at White Crane alone is myopic; the net should be casted to include Southern Fukien Shaolin, TaiZu and WuZhu.


And also, not everything is clear cut at the Chinese end, as far as I am concerned.


You take a form like Sanchin or Babulien and you are likely to see many variations even within White Crane families – so which is the right reference?


Maybe, it’s like what they say; this whole thing is like an onion, you got many layers to peel in order to get to the bottom.


For me, with so many inconsistencies in oral histories, expression of forms and even essential concepts within the systems, I think we got only “signature techniques” and maybe “paradigm” to base studies on.


So maybe that where we should start; signature, idiosyncratic moves, gestures…something non-generic…..


Maybe ……


Here’s Sifu Xiong doing an intermediate WuZu form – “Virgin Child Praying to Kuan Yin” …. To me, so White Crane-ish…..