1 attack 3 strikes is the law.

1 pull 1 push to disrupt ying yang.

Keep arriving and send outgoing, using your swiftness to devastate.

When the bridging is gone, strike out straight.

Use firmness to beat sloppiness.

3 ying and 3 yang, generate power from changes in stances (waist).


A section of the handwritten “kuen kuit” or “fists poem” from Ku Sifu of Ban Chung Wing Chun. 

What is it doing here?

To give you a concept of how Ku Sifu and I compare notes.

Almost all of the above theories are found in the White Crane that I do. 

Take the 2nd line for instance, 1 pull and 1 push is one of our primary principles used to offset opponent balance for control or throwing or to use the old tongue; disrupting opponent’s ying yang.

A technique to demonstrate this push/pull principle. (pics above).

The attacker’s jab is deflected by a “wing hand”. The defender moves in, pushes with the right hand and pulls with the left. This “twist” the spine of the attacker and the defender uses his right elbow to smash down. 

Again, like I stated before, to look for connection, we got to go deeper than “common” techniques and look for special markers.

Spending time work together with Ku Sifu is so rewarding; his knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of WCK is really excellent. 

Touching hands with him is a total revelation.

So when he advocates that Wing Chun and White Crane could plausibly spring from the same source, I tend to be really swayed….










Grew up with this style of Kung Fu – Fuzhou White Crane Boxing.

First my dad and uncles, who are all Minghe exponents and then with my other teachers Sia Mok Tai, Li Wen Shi and Sia Choon Cheok. From them, I got Ancestral and Whooping Crane – both, at one time, were never taught outside immediate clan and family circles.

Times have changed and these days, I am introducing these arts to students here in Sarawak. In fact, I was already teaching these arts in the US before 9/11.

And with the setting up of a proper training center by the company, I am planning to propagate these 2 styles “proper”.

Some pics illustrating basic techniques from both Ancestral and Whooping Crane.


wc10.gifA posture from Fuzhou Ancestral “Flying Crane”.

wc4.gif Application of “slapping hand” with thumbs digging into eyes of the opponent after the slap.

wc1.gif Taken from “Babulien” – Whooping Crane.

wc5.gif Another technique from Babulien.

wc2.gif Why block when you can break? After the elbow smash into opponent’s forearm, drop to “opening wings” technique. (pic below).


wc6.gifwc7.gifFirst a stomp kick and followed immediately by a lifting kick to opponent’s face.

wc8.gifwc9.gifA low wing block turned into a “locking” hand technique.


December 9, 2007

Just so you know that I am not all “oldies” … here a young artist that I spoke about when I was talking shop over at KFO.


Jay Chou doing “Nanchukus”; read someplace that he’s a big fan of Bruce Lee; well, must be if you write songs like “Nanchukus”.


Hmmm…”sink  chi to dantien to open the heart of the palms”…..hmmmm




Year of the “RAT”.

December 9, 2007

It’s that time of the year again; personal resolutions and business milestone charts, you know….for 2008…

Right after our Penang event, many enquires were received, mainly about staging more shows.

A call came in to me from an owner of a soon-to-be launched multi-millions dollar golf course in KL, proposing that we help their launch bash with a Penang-type TCMA show.

Por Suk is ready to start a WCK school proper and he’s been calling and even Peter, my Zhou Jia Sihing, is talking to me about their customary Chinese New Year celebrations that include CKF presentations.

Personally, I think we should take time off from shows/events and there are a few projects, already initialized, that require wrapping up before we commit to more…

The “Masters” series of DVD, kicked off mid this year, should be coming to fruition by January 2008 and with Russ negotiating distribution rights, we have a schedule to fulfill.

And I am really hoping to make another trip back to the States to visit old friends…the last time I was there must have been like 5 years ago…too long.

Colorado is so nice in spring and the thought of sipping coffee with Wayne Welsh (Pak Kua) and Wiliem De Thouars (Kuntao Silat) at some outdoor Boulder Co coffee place is very inviting.

Now that we got Russ on board, our one-stop portal will start cranking again and something that I have always wanted to do:-

Publish materials based on the 3 main styles that I was brought up; Saolim Lohan, Fuzhou White Crane and Fukien Tai Chor.

Spoken to my elders in those styles and essentially, got all the green light to proceed.

So it was with that intent, that I took a bunch of pictures for visualization. Just crude shots for my designer to work with in terms of concepts etc…

Well, do have my hands full at the moment translating all the classical White Crane texts into English.

Most of these are hand written and passed down from my Sifus/Sisoks; talking to Ruan Dong recently in Penang, it became very clear that these materials must be properly maintained and preserved.

Don’t look like they have them anymore on the mainland. Ruan was quoting everything from memory…..names of historical personalities, forms and training poems….

So here’s my “thang” again – a video clip of “touched-up” pics accompanied by Zhou Xuan’s music. You see White Crane, Lohan, Monkey and Tai Chor postures….