Here’s another form that we do in Fuzhou Whooping Crane that shows noticeable influence from the Lohan system.

From the punching to the “dragon riding” stance found only in this form, the Lohan influence is obvious.

Interestingly, most of the other “Whooping Crane” folks I’ve met don’t do this form now and when I did it in front of some Crane elders here; their immediate comment was “Shaolin”….

The “rolling hands” that you see towards the end of the clip is classic Lohan’s “Khim Kar” (in Fukien) or “Seize and smash”… 






Blurp….I’m back….

December 26, 2007


Hah! I am back – after a short breather….

Now let’s see what happened these last few days…

Oh yes, it was Christmas and Peter Tan (Hakka Praying Mantis) who is based in Miri was in Kuching for the holidays. 

We met and discussed plans to work together on starting a training center up in Miri as part of our ongoing effort to rejuvenate TCMA in Sarawak. We both recognized the fact that something got to be done fast and in a more “modernized” manner before the situation deteriorate further. In a nutshell; “repackaging” TCMA to bring in more youths. 

Then I got a call from Patrick in Singapore regarding a Wing Chun book published by a mainland company.

An outstandingly done book focusing on Wing Chun and I had mentioned to Sifu Ku, who gave me a copy, that my company is keen to engage in future projects with this company. Sifu Ku spoke to them and they want to talk; I will update on that when more info is ready.

But really, I was lazing around these last few days; watching “Stargate Atlantis” on DVDs, not too bad, they even had a little escrima in some scenes….

Now back to business – got another clip of Lohan Boxing, this time from 5 Ancestors…. I got a bunch of Southern Lohan in my collection and I will start posting them next.