Burn bright !

November 29, 2009

Okay, one more entry about Zhou Jia before I move on ……

Looking thru the entire DVD, I see many seniors presenting their very seasoned polished forms etc etc….got to point out that there are forms that I am viewing for the very first time, Zhou Jia covers a very wide repertoire really.

I remember a handwritten book from my Zhou Jia teacher, Sifu Foong Fook Wah, listing something like over 100 forms – a gamut of empty-hands, weapons, 2 men sets etc….

It’s my aspiration to shoot as much as possible of these traditional forms …. So each time I am in Penang, guess what I’ll be doing?

In the DVD, apart from the elders, it’s very inspirational to see the new wave of Zhou Jia students all groomed to keep the fire of Zhou Jia burning.

And burning bright indeed!

Just look at these 2 clips…..

Clip #1 – wow, just look at the kid go!!! Awesome…….

Clip #2 – This is from Zhou Jia Australia, I think and don’t shoot me if I am wrong – I have not met anyone from there. The stick form – outstanding by any standard!



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