Thank you Xie Xie Ni.

November 30, 2009

Hahahaha, received our first donation from someone in Tacoma, Washington USA.

After 2 years of running this blog and finally the drought is over; hopefully the water will start to flow after this ……..

Want to say a big thank you (not naming the person for obvious reason) and I’ll buy the Carlsbergs if we ever meet.


Not many, I think, have heard of this one-time crowned “King of Nan Quan” Qiu Jian Guo; his most well known movie is probably “The South Shaolin Master”.

I guess you could say that Jet Li and his “Shaolin Temple” gang eclipsed many who came after them and you can count Qiu as one.

A very powerful and aggressive Nan Quan 6 times national champion in China, he died in 1998 due to nose/throat cancer; I found that out from the then national Wushu coach of Sarawak who is also from the mainland.

Got to tell you that I really like Qiu’s performances regardless of whether solo or 2 man routines, his speed, jin and the other dynamics spell “Southern Kung Fu” …..I think I read somewhere in an old mag that he did some Hakka style boxing before switching to competition Wushu…..

Qiu also co-authored a book – a Nanquan 2 man routine and even though this is competition material, the techniques in the routine is familiar traditional Southern Kung Fu.

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Lai Tung Pai is a Shaolin style of martial art. Both external and internal in nature, Lai Tung Pai has several forms that are to be done with external and/or internal power control. The style is mainly a short fist style similar to Wing Chun.  Lai Tung forms are short (24 to 36 moves) with the exception of the Kung Jong form that consists of over 300 moves. The style also performs the traditional Shaolin weapons (staff, broadsword, butterfly knives etc.), and uses several Muk Yan Jong.  Lai Tung Pai also teaches and performs the traditional Lion Dance and the Dragon Dance.

From Wiki , full article here….

Got an email recently asking me for my info source of Lai Tung; a style that I was informed bears strong resemblances to Wing Chun.

Well since this style calls Hong Kong home after leaving the mainland, most of my materials are Hong Kong published magazine from the 70s/80s and 90s.

Got one copy that you can purchase at a very steep price of USD3.75 – just click the “Buy this book at” button.

In this issue, you’ll also find some info on Hung Fut, Wing Chun and on the cover you see Sifu Chen Gung Wu – one time famous TCKF teacher from Indonesia.

I got hundreds of these old magazines and books that I am going to put up but time….. time …. All the scanning, touching up, uploading …………

Carlsberg time        🙂

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