Hips don’t lie.

November 11, 2009

Was about to power down my machine but I thought I better check my mails first – backlogged for the last couple of weeks …….

Found a mail from Stacy, one of my students in Colorado, and she sent a youtube link with the message “check this out, you’ll like it”…….

Now now now, whatever gave her this notion ??? hahahahaha …….

I knew from the very onset that the Penang leg of the trip will be nothing short of running around and getting as much done as possible ….. eerhh like short breaths …….

What with Por Suk prearranged to pass on some Cho Gar Ban Chung Wing Chun to Chas, me meeting with Peter (my Zhou Jia sihing) to discuss the many programs for next year, gathering with masters from the various styles for a dinner discussion and courtesy calls to some of the schools in Penang …. Arrrrghhh there’s hardly any time to savor the many foods that Penang is well-known for.

Then, this being Chas’ first ever visit, I got to make time for him to be a tourist – you know the tourist attraction sites that are so glossily described in brochures and now that Penang is awarded the Unesco World Heritage Site status, you just gotta see everything!!!

Take Kek Lok Si, the awe-inspiring Buddhist temple and without doubt the largest and best known temple in Penang staggered on the hillside overlooking the town of Ayer Itam.
Since the olden days, the hills of Ayer Itam are regarded as important geomantically. Known as He San, or Crane Hill, they are recommended as a retreat for Taoist practitioners striving for immortality……okay okay got that off a site about Kek Lok Si ….. I don’t write that well ….hahahaha….

The new bronze status of the Goddess of Mercy and according to some, a potential entry into the Guinness Book of Records for being the tallest is almost completed. I got to tell you that if this don’t inspire awe in you, something is not right somewhere ….blown light bulb somewhere you understand???

And of course Peter got to run a restaurant/pub along the famous Gurney Drive that serves Carlsberg ……….

What can I say???

Well, nothing else except that I will let the video clip show you more……..and if you are planning to visit Penang, go for at least 10 days.

Now for some sleep…..zzzzzzzz……and I’ll work on the video that I took zzzzzzzz………