Singapore Zhou Jia Kuan Dao.

November 28, 2009

The weapon that is always associated with Kung Kong or Guan Yu….

From wiki:-

Today, Guan Yu is still widely worshiped by the Chinese, with many shrines to him are found in homes or businesses. In Hong Kong, shrine for Guan Yu is located in each police station. Though by no means mandatory, most Chinese policemen worship and pay respect to him. Although seemingly ironic, members of the Triad gangs and the Hung worship Guan Yu as well. A difference between the statues used by triad gangs and police station for the shrine are indicated by which arm holds his halberd, right for the police and left for triads. This explains in which side Guan Yu is worshiped, by the righteous people or vice versa. The state of Guan Yu’s face for the Triads usually appears more sinister than the usual statue. This exemplifies the Chinese belief that a code of honor, epitomized by Guan Yu, exists even in the underworld. In Hong Kong, Guan Yu is often referred to as “Yi Gor” (二哥, Cantonese for second big brother) for he was second to Liu Bei in their legendary sworn brotherhood. Guan Yu is also worshipped by Chinese businessmen in Shanxi Province, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia as an alternative wealth god, since he is perceived to bless the upright and protect them from the crooked. Another reason being related to the release of Cao Cao during the Huarong Pass incident where he let Cao Cao and his general passed through safely. As for that, he was perceived to be able to give a lifeline to those that needed it……..more.

Recently, when Chas was here, I gave him a wooden foot tall Kuan Kong statue for his altar in his Seattle school.

Most CKF revere Kuan for his loyalty and trustworthiness, 2 virtues that every student of CKF must have………

And here performing the Kuan Dao, brilliantly if I may add, is Singapore’s Zhou Jia.

I don’t care who you think you are, you just DON’T EAT CATS !!!!!!!!!!!

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