So folks, once again I find myself packing to get ready to fly tomorrow morning to Singapore.

Will be there for 3 days and then it is off to Penang…..

2 cameras, 1 notebook and 10 days’ clothes change ….. aarrggghhhh !!!

Again, I am not sure how much time I got moving from place to place, so if you find this blog unattended during that time window, its okay – I did not binge out on Carlsberg somewhere.

I will try to upload some pics at least using my notebook and wireless modem.

Anyway, before all that …… those who know me know that I am a big stick fighting fanatic.

Starting when I was just a little boy and watching my dad/uncles and other folks in the small farming village in Singapore in the 60s, stick fighting was the choice weapon for most village “protectors”. Make sense too, you are not violating any laws walking around with a stick and those days, after the British left Singapore, things were a little chaotic and village guardians are expected to keep the community safe. Except that in any actual confrontation, sharpened lead pipes replaced the wooden sticks – same techniques but bigger kill “factor”.

So it’s no wonder that stick fighting left a profound impression with me and all thru my kung fu learning days, this is the one weapon that I put the most effort in.

Jeeze, can’t even remember how many forms and how many teachers, some just for stick skills, I studied with. I remember even trading forms, you know, my knife form for your stick form barter…… kids hahahaha……

So there you go, you’re a product of your environment, well at least, in my case …. I think.

Even now, when I chance upon stick forms / fighting videos on any mainland sites, I would download and study them.

Here’s one – “Beggar Stick” and by the looks, it appears to have Northern origin. Well, for one thing, the stick that you see is more associated with styles like Hsing Yi, some Tai Chi, Chaquan etc etc  …… like I say mainly “Northern” where it is more commonly know as “bian” .

Some southern styles also do “Beggar Stick” but typically using the “eyebrow” level or “Chi Mei” sticks.

We do one in Fuzhou Crane but then, we call it “walking stick”…..

The only “Beggar stick” that I’ve seen around here in Sarawak is the “Wanderer Stick” that is passed down thru the Hakka Grand Ancestor lineage.

And interestingly, comparing that and the one in this clip, I see parallels except maybe in the length of the sticks used.

Well, before I start to bore you, here is the clip :-