November 19, 2009

Doing something here that I don’t normally do – posting content of an email from another….

Well, this particular one is from Chad about Roosevelt that I thought should  be shared.

So Chad, forgive me for breaking the sanctity of email communications but for the sake of Roosevelt…

I’ll buy the Carlsberg the next time we sit down.

Just wanted to make quick comment about your posting on Roosevelt.

Well it was very moving; I really had great respect for that man. I felt Roosevelt had a way about him, a very gentle guy, a person who I thought kept our circle of cranes together just by being next to you whipping and screaming.

But I tell you that he was tough and dedicated enough to move mountains.

That guy could put me on the ground just be garbing my wrists (must have been secret Lohan stuff).

When were training in anticipation of your return, Roosevelt never missed a step in remembering what you passed on and he remembered it with passion!

Anyway seeing that video with Roosevelt and James training in a basement puts water in my eyes.

Drums up lots of memories and emotions.

Thanks Sifu’s (Ling and Chas) it was nice watching that.

And Chad ………. Thanks.