Richard Dean.

November 23, 2009

Another “crane” waiting in the wings , hehehe love the pun, is Richard Dean.

Met him only 2 years ago, already his dedication and tenacity are clearly noted.

With a MA background ranging from TKD, Shotokan Karate and high school wrestling his fixation, however, is traditional Chinese Kung Fu.

This led him to 5 Animals Kung Fu and later Wayne’s curriculum of Lohan, Grand Ancestor and Fuzhou Cranes.

Rich visited me in S E Asia last year and the 10 days or so that we interacted, I found his zeal for the arts remarkable, taking notes of every thing that I was giving out.

His love for the Cranes is going to take him far in his quest and hey, like I said earlier, when the student is ready, the teacher will come ……..

Every journey begins with that first step and thousands more after that.

Welcome to the journey Rich……..

Rich doing Fuzhou Ancestral and Singing Crane.