Green Dragons & White Tigers.

November 25, 2009

So the battle rages on ….. Do you treat CKF as a “science” or an “art”?

And the end is nowhere in sight with neither side budging …. Hey maybe some bloodletting is needed , just like in the days of old; meet on some mountain top and physically thrash it out.

Nah ….. that’s antiquated …. This is the new millennium and the internet is mightier than the sword hahahaha ….

But seriously, I like what the late Bruce Lee said; my truth cannot be your truth. You want to approach your training scientifically…..fine.

It’s your life and I wish you all the best.

My path, on the other hand is somewhere in the middle. Absorb what is good but you got to have good fundamentals in order for any absorption to be effective. My own experience has shown that nothing build better fundamentals than time-proven methodologies handed down thru the centuries.

You can have the most sophisticated of modern weaponries but it’s in the hands of  disciplined well trained in the old-fashion manner soldiers that’s going win the day.

And, I am not afraid to admit that I really do love the “art” portion of CKF.

The cultural and literary side that is so “Chinese”……that I sometimes feel only ethnic Chinese really bothers.

You know, the “Green Dragons and White Tigers” of Chinese psyche…..

Here’s a Cha Quan book, published some 75 yrs ago with a page explaining the various facets of CKF – the fighting, sports and performing aspects.

Hmmm, imagine that, 75 years ago and already it was recognized that CKF comes in many guises….

And the poem on the second page …… that’s the “Green Dragons and White Tigers” that I am talking about.

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