Kung Fu Cinema.

November 27, 2009

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Zhou Jia.

November 27, 2009

Aaarrgh talk about big video file …. This is supersized – the Zhou Jia DVD from Peter shot during a Zhou Jia gathering in the mid of this year in China. Over 2 hrs long, can you imagine how much time is needed to convert them to wmv file for editing?

I don’t know what I like more, high quality kung fu performances or families from various branches from all over congregating eating, drinking and performing kung fu.

Look at what’s happening to many kung fu families these days; all the internal squabbling and no end jostling for “head chair”….. sad, really sad.

I long for those days when masters from, not just within one style but  an assortment of sects, lineages and schools all sitting down  ….. A fellowship of sort really.

So what went wrong, a case of “big tree and branches start to rot” perhaps………?

My days with Zhou Jia are relatively short; a couple of years at most but during that time, I find the bond there really strong. Every time I visit Penang for instance, I know I can count on my Zhou Jia family there for support for all that I want to accomplish there.

And to view this DVD and seeing Zhou Jia from the mainland, US, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore etc etc intermingling ……..

Now, that to me is Real Kung Fu !

Here’s a short clip and I will be posting more from this gathering.