Homeward Bound.

November 14, 2009

By the time some of you read this, Chas would be somewhere over the Pacific…..yup, he is on his way back to Seattle.

2 weeks just whizzed by again pointing up how time really flies especially when you so caught up in the “moment”.

The important thing is that he got what he came out here for:-

  • Meeting Ah Teck and Tien Ngoon, 2 names that never left my lips all these years when I was teaching. I cannot start to describe what major roles they played in my kung fu journey and they are still no less influences even till this day. My eternal gratefulness goes without saying.
  • In Penang, the original objective was just for him to spend time with Por Suk to get a taste of Cho Gar Bun Chung Wing Chun; he got more that a taste hahahaha…in fact he got such a stomach full that it going to take a while to digest. But Penang, a “crouching tigers hidden dragons” island saw him visiting with many masters of various styles. I was told that the very first Kung Fu book he ever owned is GM Cheong Cheng Leong’s Chu Ka Phoenix Eyes Boxing so imagine what is must be like for him to meet the man. All 72 years old and still moving like not a day over 50! And to sit down and have dinner with high hands from Zhou Gar, Saolim, Geok Gar, Chu Ka, 7 Stars Praying Mantis, Cho Gar WCK and Hung Gar must be another first for him.
  • By comparison, the Kuching leg was a rather subdued affair. Besides meeting officials from Sarawak Tourism Ministry to discuss an adventure racing event that the company is planning, the other highlight would be being interviewed by a journalist from a local English papers…. I will wait for that feature article to be published and then upload to this blog ….. hahahaha…imagine that, Chas, a news item !

Anyway, looking ahead, our plan is to visit at least once a year. Either with me flying to the States or vice versa.

Frankly, I think it will be more him flying here now that he has one leg into the Cho Gar Ban Chung Wing Chun.

And the other draw here is, of course, the “king of fruits”….


So to all those training with Chas in Seattle reading this – go to the Asian market , get some durians for “training”…..if you’re planning to come with Chas the next time out ….. you have to pass my “durian test”…otherwise, you’re coming as a tourist….hahahahaha…..

singing crane Hua Baik – Singing Crane.


saolim lohan Saolim Lohan.


ancestral crane “White Crane Guarding Cave” – Fuzhou Ancestral Crane.


durian Take my breath away – Durian.


airport Fly me to Seattle – Kuching International Airport.