From Peter.

November 17, 2009

Each time I meet Peter in Penang, I end up with a bunch of freebies; since he operate a beer place, I get key chains, pens, bags, lighters and even a watch one time with a very visible “Carlsberg” logo – all advertising collaterals, very popular around here; drink X number of bottles and get a free gift…….

These free giveaways are then given out to colleagues and friends so everybody is happy  🙂 ….. I think. Some might be expecting the famous Penang cookies/cakes from me but travelling with food is so chancy!

You know custom checks and the clear and ever present danger of them being gobbled down by me during the flight hahahaha……

Anyway, other items that I get every now and then from Peter, knowing my penchant for TCMA materials, are books, magazine and video recordings. With his extensive connection with TCMA folks everywhere in Penang, I am really building up a nifty little library with his contribution…..

Here’s one that contains some really invaluable old pics of Saolim Singapore visiting Penang in 1957.

1957 …..hmmmm…….2 years before I made my appearance on planet Earth.