Chinese Martial Art Association – Kuching Sarawak

October 25, 2007

CMAA – Kuching Sarawak.


Written about this elsewhere in forums etc; my attachment to this association here in Kuching Sarawak.


It must have been some 3 years ago that I first met with Mr. Chester Lim, the man-in-charge, and talked about adding some TCMA training for his young athletes who are mainly training and competing in modern Wushu.


One thing led to another and finally I started a regular training session with his athletes to pass on some traditional art forms.


Already well-trained in many aspects, I found them picking up TCMA like fish taking to water.


However, the thing that really impressed me is the camaraderie, motivation and the never-say-die spirit that these athletes exude throughout.


3 years and so much have transpired and the bond with them is really something that I cherish.


This November, 8 of these young athletes will travel to Penang and share the stage with veteran masters invited.


And for naysayers, who think TCMA is in its sunset phase, wait until you meet them.


Give them another couple of years; they will fly in every aspect of TCMA, this I promise you…..





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