MY Martial Arts Sdn Bhd.

October 10, 2007

I am working with a company named “MY Martial Arts Sdn Bhd” based in Kuching Sarawak.

This setup is very exceptional, perhaps the only one in these parts, to concentrate on traditional Asian fighting cultures.

A big portion of what we do is seeking out traditional masters in this vast land and working with them; documenting and recording videos etc…

The whole idea is to make sure we put them and their skill sets on record.

The business side of the company includes:-

  1. Organizing events and shows to showcase these masters.
  2. Publishing books / DVDs etc.
  3. Coordinating research clusters.

We are not restricting our scope to Sarawak only, in fact, much time has been devoted to working with masters in West Malaysia namely Penang, an area thriving with Chinese Kung Fu a while back.

Got here a clip of some of Penang Masters who are working with the company in DVDs production…








 A press release draft for the event.cmaa-pressre.gif