After the long weekends’ holidays; Malaysia celebrates “Hari Raya Puasa” as a public holiday; I am booked to fly into Singapore today.


The last time I was there must have been like 6 months ago and it would be nice to have a change of pace for the next few days.


Since this is a “business” trip, appointments are in place to meet with the various schools invited to the Penang gathering to discuss, you know, the finalized program, logistics etc etc etc…


Got my “never leave home without it” digital video camera, I am aiming to shoot some more footages of the schools in action for this blog.


There is one stop that I must make and i.e. my White Crane school, or what’s left and my Sihing, who owns and operates a coffee-shop in Singapore.


Doesn’t matter where I go but each time I am back in Singapore, I would spend some time with him; really a “family” thing.


And I think this is the one thing that is undermined these days in Kung Fu training. Kung Fu was more than just an activity; you join a kung fu school, you become part of a family stretching all the way back – a connection with the past. And the bond between you and the family, like in my case, is expected to last a lifetime.


I remember how my teachers insisted on the customary offering of incense at the school altar the moment you step into the premises. No buts….


You greet all you seniors with the proper salute and you behave during and after training; really, code of conduct expected in most Asian and Chinese homes during my growing up days.


Yeah some of you must be thinking; what outmoded old fashion mindset ……but when I read about some of the crazy stuffs happening in the world today, I cannot help but wonder how much of it cannot be attributed to the fact that kids are left too much unguided?


I am no expert here but this I do know; if you don’t maintain your garden, pretty soon you are looking at a disordered anything-goes mini-jungle.


To maintain, you need to cut and trim, disinfect and fertilize the plants.


In a nutshell, you need to work it.


Maybe, just maybe that’s what the world needs – some working with behaving, showing respect for laws and orders and most importantly, right family values.


Respect the elders; they have been on the path longer than you……


Later…. for now I need to pack and head for the airport …..




Master Lew Kao Chai – Chu Gar Kao Hakka Tiger Boxing.

One of the first few Masters I met when I first moved to Sarawak from Singapore, Master Lew is everything I expected a Kung Fu master to be.

Unassuming and genteel, Master Lew in his 60s, still pack a very mean punch; a phrase commonly used to portray him around here.

Esteemed by many as a CKF elder, his views are often sought after when it comes to CKF. I am indeed much honored to call him a friend.

A few months back, a friend Sean Whitaker from England was visiting and I introduced them.

An Iron-Ox Praying Mantis teacher, Sean was heard commenting after a session with Master Lew, “this man is strong; his appearance is really deceiving”.

I couldn’t agree with that more; personally being on the receiving end of many of Master Lew’s techniques.

His Chu Gar is explosively fast and the way he moves is precisely like when they say “If my opponent is still, I am still. When my opponent moves, I move first”…..

Thru’ him, I am initiated into an entirely new world of Hakka styles boxing and the realization of how little I really do know about the big wide world of CKF.

To be able to include him in our entourage to Penang for the gathering is really a big privilege.

Again, I see myself working closely with this Master in many projects ahead.