Pages from the book “Overview of Cantonese Wing Chun Kuen” – compiled by mainland China and featuring almost all known sects of Wing Chun from Canton province.


Now, if only someone could do the same for Fukien variations and do a contrast …..

Apologies for the lapse in posting; just got back from a hectic whirlwind trip covering Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to work on final details of the upcoming event with masters and schools invited in those 2 places.


In Singapore, I met with Master Teo Choon Teck, Master Ku Choi Wah, and my Zhou Jia family and I also got introduced to a Hakka Master, Liao Song Feng, distinguished for his knowledge of 5 different Hakka Kung fu.


Master Liao Song Feng. Time was too short for me to arrange for any taping session with Master Liao but I did managed to acquire a short video clip of him performing in a recent MA event in Singapore.


The 2 + hrs meeting with all the Masters and their students took place in a coffee shop and we were seated in the open air just right outside the “Singapore Poon Yu Association” premise; how very fitting.


In addition to working out the schedule and traveling plans for the Singapore contingent, the meeting also touch on post and future activities; where to do the next gathering for instance.


I am so thankful for the great support that I am receiving from these schools, so passionate about getting together to share and interact; makes this one year of effort so meaningful and to add Master Liao into the already stellar cast…what more could I ask for?


After the meeting, I joined Master Ku in his Cho Gar Wing Chun class and again we spoke at length about Wing Chun and White Crane. Master Ku, later, gave me an eyes-opening book registering all the major Wing Chun sects in Asia.


I never knew that there was such a place known as “Crow Lake” in Southern China famous for Wing Chun and that Master Ku’s Cho Gar is also otherwise known as “Crow lake” Wing Chun Kuen….


From Singapore, I hopped over to KL to meet up with Master Yip Fook Choy and his senior student, Tong Yap.


Over dinner, I confirmed Master Yip’s “Yip Kin Wing Chun” participation in the event.


So, it was with great satisfaction that night when I headed back to the hotel, knowing that I will be having Cho Gar Ban Chung, Hay Bun and Yip Kin Wing Chun together for the first time in many many years, in the same room displaying their proud legacies…..


That night I was dreaming of my flying swordmen and dragons again ……