Singapore San Cheen Do.

October 11, 2007

Sifu Teo in action.

Singapore San Cheen Do.

October 11, 2007

Here’s one style of CKF that I’ve been involved in for like …. forever……….
San Cheen Do, founded by Sifu Teo Choon Teck and his 2 brothers, is essentially a mix of Grand Ancestor (Tai Chor), 5 Ancestors, Karate, Muay Thai and Judo.
Well known for their prowess in winning pugilistic tournaments in Asia, Sifu Teo has personally trained many “Lei Tai” champions over the years.
In his 60s now, he is still very active and when I visited him recently in Singapore to invite him to the Penang gathering, Sifu Teo is very gung-ho about the whole thing.

Article from Singapore’s “The Pugilist” June1984 issue.

Here’s another school that’s involved in our projects; Penang Chin Woo Association.

The 7 stars Praying Mantis Sifu there, Wong Pak Chong and his students, are performing in the upcoming event. Our workshops will be held in one of their training halls and Sifu Wong is also featured in our about- to- be- released “Living Treasures of Penang” DVDs series.

Sifu Wong comes from the “old school” style of CKF. A stickler to customs, he places strong weight on the fighting aspects of CKF training.

I remember one conversation with him in his roof top training ground and he said “I am not very interested in talking about this jin or that jin. The only jin I want is the sort that knocks my opponent down.”

You want to be good, train and keep training; no shortcuts or miracle methods.

That pretty much sums up my impression of this dynamic teacher.

Slide show using old pictures from Chin Woo :-