For readers unaware of the gathering that we got planned, here’s the brief:-

Venue : Penang Malaysia

3rd Nov 2007 1900 hrs – 2200 hrs “An Evening of Martial Arts” , a free public display of traditional Asian fighting arts to be held in “New World Park”.

4th Nov 2007 0800 hrs – 1800 hrs “MAG2007 Workshops/Seminars”, conducted in Chin Woo Auditorium, Jalan Burmah Penang.

You will be treated to a cast of authentic Masters from 30 over different styles of CKF from Hakka, Fukien, Cantonese and Northern systems. We have also included non-Chinese arts such as Karate, Silat and Indian fighting arts to add to the multiplicity of the event.

If you have always wanted to examine the relationship between

  • Karate and White Crane,
  • Hakka and Fukien styles,
  • Tai Chor, 5 Ancestors and White Crane,
  • Wing Chun and White Crane,
  • Hung Gar and Zhou Jia,
  • Northern and Southern styles,

this is one event that you must not miss.

Also, on display are rarely seen styles such as:-

  • Fong Yang Kung Fu
  • 3 different lines of Hakka Praying Mantis
  • Geok Gar
  • Pheonix Eyes Boxing
  • SaoLim Lohan
  • 2 lines of Tai Chor or Grand Ancestor Boxing
  • Cho Gar Wing Chun Ban Chung/Hay Bun
  • Yip Kin Wing Chun
  • Shaolin White Crane
  • Whooping Crane
  • Feeding Crane

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Got here a slide-show of Penang and Penang-based Masters.


As a kid growing up in a Kung Fu family, I was more immersed in Wu Xia (Martial Hero) novels while other kids were into Superman, Batman, Enid Bylton, Nancy Drew, and Sherlock Holmes etc etc ….

With inadequate Chinese language knowledge, pictorial illustrations in Wu Xia novels became real essential sometimes to keep with the storyline.

And these illustrations were done in a way that is not easily seen these days …





CKF Kicks.

October 13, 2007

Short photo-slide clip of collection CKF kicks taken from books published as far back as 20 years.

Some of the source styles include :-

  • Northern Shaolin
  • Monkey Boxing
  • Natural School Of Boxing
  • Pak Kwa
  • Chuo Jiao
  • Ying Jow
  • Ground “Dog” Boxing
  • Tai Chi

The first kick starts with a forward roll towards an oncoming opponent; this is taken from Shaolin “Dai” or “Big” Lohan form.

Many Fukien Saolim Lohan forms end with this kind of roll-kick……