I’ve been to Penang so many times this last year that, frankly, I’ve lost count. Just when I thought I’ve seen everything on this island, viola, something new pops up.


Anyway, this trip is “work” so attention is focused on getting things done – from the moment I landed and my Zhou Jia Sihing, Peter Lum, came to pick me from the airport.


After a swift stop for some chow-down, it’s straight to work; running thru’ a list of things to do before this Saturday/Sunday show and workshop.


Then it was a visit to the performance venue, New World Park, where Peter had already put up all the promo fishtails and banners and followed by a quick survey of the stage area to make certain that everything is in order.


From there I headed straight to the hotel; need to get my rest to prepare for the next day’s radio interview – one hour of martial art talk with a DJ, Jezza from Traxx Fm, with some 25 years of Aikido experience; this should be fun.


And also my first guest, Evert Van De Meulen, is scheduled to arrive from Holland.


I started corresponding with Evert some 3 – 4 years back; first it was all emails, forum talk and then “Skype”.


My first impression; one that last until now is that, he is a very devoted CKF seeker, particularly in the area of Hungga’s Tit Sin Kuen.


Our exchange notes on this topic could fill up a book – exploring histories, mechanisms and applications of this brilliant form.


The radio interview went beautifully as planned; the DJ was really sleek and by then Evert has already checked into the hotel.


So this is it, finally, meeting my crazy Dutch friend face to face…


Okay, he might not be in the best shape after some 30 hrs of flying but still we went out to a coffee shop and what else – Talk about Kung Fu!


So it’s more like a crazy Dutchman meeting an equally crazy Chinese….


Later on that day, we brought him to Kek Lok Si; the tourists-must-see huge temple on Penang Hill and followed by a courtesy call at GM Cheong Cheng Loong’s Kung Fu school.


So now we got 3 crazy men from 3 styles at the same table talking shop … this is the life!