Another WCK clip; something labeled as “Hard School” Wing Chun and in another DVD by the same Sifu featuring “Siu Nim Tau”, this branch is described as a module of Hung Gar.


The Sifu also explained how SNT is fundamental training concentrating on one hand at a time and “Bong Kiu” starts students with 2 hands and left/right linked sequences.


Also mentioned is how the forms teach body co-ordination to attain the “whipping” energy needed to fire WCK techniques.


Personally, I am really thrilled that so many branches and schools of WCK are opening up and presenting their training methods and skills.


So no more just reading about them, now I get to, at least, see how they physically express their art forms.


Starting to really understand why they call it “Martial Forest”; so many species and sub-species……..