Pan Nam WCK.

December 17, 2009

The Japanese says “十人十色 jūnin toiro”, or” ten men, ten colors” which is another way of saying “To each his/her own. / Different strokes for different folks.”

The French has their “Chacun voit midi à sa porte” which literally means “Everyone sees noon at his door.”

In CKF, we often hear “Different temple, different Buddha” because even within a family, things are never absolutely identical.

All teachers, I believe add in their personal touch; you know accentuate this and play down that, this is to be expected. Some “enhance” by adding in new elements and other just want to stamp their own mark onto the art.

We are human after all ……

Now what is not “humane” is to pilfer “identity”; simply sticking a time-honored name/identity to some cut and paste creation and attempting to sell it as the authentic traditional product.

To that, I just want to say that the Chinese got another saying that should be noted – “Paper cannot wrap fire”.

Here’s a clip of some Pan Nam WCK techniques – not exactly the WCK you would imagine particularly if your exposure is limited to Yip Man’s WCK.

Again “cada maestrito con su librito”……

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