Fight or fantasy ?

December 15, 2009

My opponent jabs, I pull back and then advance with a hook which misses and with the hooking hand, I turn into a back fist.

This is blocked and I spin around to do another big swinging back fist with the other hand to be followed by a rear turning kick and so on and so forth.

You think a actual fight would be like that?  Maybe but I think this is more fight choreography that you see in movies or something out of a wuxia novel.

Authentic kung fu trains you to take your opponent out in 1, 2 or like mentioned in the “Hakka Wanderers’ Fist” never more than 3.

“Fight never goes beyond 3 techniques” is a very widespread CKF training idiom. Other works with “No postures, no frames and all it takes is one move”.

The spirit of proper CKF training; you learn to hit and you learn to hit hard enough to stop your opponent.

Anything less means you are just not ready.

I love the Karate/Kendo expression “One strike one kill”.

My late Sifu put it in another way; every time there is contact with the opponent, you mete out damage or at the very least, pain.

This is what Hakka Tiger Sifu Kong here likes to do. Stun your opponent and then enter to finish your opponent.

So folks, if you’re training kung fu to look cool in a fight, remember that there is nothing “cooler” than flooring your opponent then go into your fav posture.

The other way round is, eerrrh, not so cool …for you…..hahahaha….

Like to share this clip with you; “Shaolin Bafa” or “Eight Methods of Shaolin” applications – exemplifies what I am trying to say fittingly…..