More than the eyes can see.

December 19, 2009

If your opinion of forms is nothing more than techniques stringed together like a techniques cache, you’re not wrong.

On the other hand, you are not 100 percent right either …..

Forms exist for many objectives besides the obvious.

Using my Fuzhou Cranes as reference, forms are there to teach you principles and concepts first gestated by the founder.

The principles/concepts could be fighting stratagems, power generations and flows etc etc…techniques are products of these.

In Fuzhou Crane we are taught 12 main principles and the 12 forms taught focus on these core principles; there could be overlapping in some forms but the format is to cover at least one per form.

And every form is supplemented by the “kuit” or “poem” which facilitates the comprehension of the purpose of the form.

One of our form trains you to move into the fourth gate the moment your opponent advances and if you were to interpret the form the conventional way, it makes no sense.

Every technique in that form is executed from both the inner or outer fourth gate position and this becomes very apparent when you move on to the 2 man drill after learning the solo form.

Many traditional teachers are careful with whom they pass these knowledge to and even within the same school, not all receive the same knowledge.

I know I know, some of you are thinking that this is a very archaic and outmoded way of teaching but when it comes to teaching knowledge that could harm limbs or lives; you want to be really cautious.

Got a clip here for you and I think this is from Fuqing Shaking Crane.

Look at some of the movements in the form; they don’t look like “fight” techniques right?

But after spending so long a time in the Crane arts, I will tell you that they are there to train some qualities that only an insider would understand.