Like I mentioned earlier, these last few days I am caught up in getting my new place ready for moving in …..

And I am easy to please but still the place needed some fixing –  like fresh coat of paint, stop leaky ceiling boards and pipes, rewiring so that my workstation is in the correct spot of the house blah blah blah….

I hate chores like these and with the rainy season ongoing, try painting and not let the rain mess it all up for you …. Geeeze…..

Luckily some friends chipped in and one of them is a regular DIY guy, you know the kind who spends weekends sawing, welding, polishing and working on old cars etc etc….he got a workshop full of tools and gadgets that makes you think he is a pro ….. Well he is, kind of…..

So he was looking at some of the roller brushes that I picked up from a local hardware shop, “branded” and cost more that I like to pay type and he commented that they are “flimsy” and I started protesting; I paid top dollars for these imported tools I said!

That afternoon he came back with his almost 10 yrs old roller brush and I was amazed especially when he added that he painted his house at least 10 times with that thing.

From there, he went on to criticize how most products these days (like the ones I spoke about in one of my previous about cell phones) are manufactured for very short life.

There was a time when you buy something; you expect it to last….period. You send it for repair when it’s unserviceable but you don’t shop with the concept of using it for a year to just throw them out to get replacements.

And this is not some NEW age thinking … if anything, this is OLD traditional way of life.

Maybe, that’s the root cause of the world’s troubles … when folks start to disregard traditions and live in anyway they see fit.

As long as I can afford it, why bother about how my lifestyle is contributing to degradation of my surroundings – the new mantra for many I guess….

So, before you throw, think twice.

Here’s a clip that sort of brings home the point, a traditional Putien form that I used to watch since I was a kid in the Fuzhou clan association.

On the surface, a simple form but for those who are in the business of studying Fuzhou styles, you would know that it is form like this that contains the “spirit” of the art.

Something that you do for life and pass on and not “throw” away…..