Flower Power.

December 24, 2009

Hua Quan or Flower Fist, founded by Gan/Kang/Kan (depending on your spelling convention) Fengchi, is another one of those heard and not often seen styles.

Not to be mistaken for Hua or Chinese Fist, the long-range northern style that is always mentioned in the same breath as Cha, Pao and Chang Quan.

Hua is the same pronunciation of both “flower” and “Chinese”…….

Featured in many wuxia novels, Hua Quan, according to description, is a short fast hands system.

Here from chinavoc is a concise depiction:-

Hua Quan (Flower-style Chuan )

Hua Quan or the flower-style Chuan is a close-range fist play which is said to have been taught by Gan Fengchi of Nanjing in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces during the early Qing Dynasty (1662-1735) The flower-style Chuan starts with a gesture whereby the boxer uses his or her right hand to palm the back of the left clenched fist facing outside. The boxer forms the arms into a circle and draws an arc in a clockwise direction in front of the chest. This was said to mean opposing the Qing Dynasty and rehabilitating the preceding Ming Dynasty.

The flower-style Chuan has 120 forms of Sanshou, 72 holding and strangle holding techniques, 36 leg techniques, 24 stances and 88 falling tricks. It can be viewed as a collection of wrestling and falling methods. A veteran boxer can co-ordinate his up and down, right and left movements and actions without any trouble. As soon as he touches, the opponent is thrown to the ground. The wrestling and falling methods of the flower Chuan can supplement those of the Chinese style of wrestling and can also complement the skills of Chinese hand pushing.

And another article about Gan written by none other than Gene Ching, Kung Fu magazine.

The Shaolin Phoenix.

The video is taken from youku and frankly, the form looks “long-range” to me.

Then again, as usual, what do I know ???