All in the family ……

December 2, 2009

You know, I can’t really say that I know these next 2 really well since I only spent about 2 weeks with them in Seattle.

But thru talking to Chas and the impressions that I developed interacting with them, “big generals” comes to mind.

That’s the Chinese way of describing “key personnel” or “leader” in any group and that’s precisely how I see Troy and Todd.

Matured in thinking, you come away with a sense of “steady and decisive”  from them and that bodes well in any CKF family.

Together with Peter, the future of Chas’ CKF family looks bright even in often overcast and rainy Seattle….eeerrhh, that was the general weather conditions when I was there, so don’t shoot me   🙂

Todd Detwiler

Todd had little experience in fighting arts before 2005. In middle school (approximately ages 12-13) he participated in his school wrestling program. In his 20s he dabbled lightly in martial arts, mostly Wing Chun. During this time he briefly belonged to two modified Wing Chun schools (less than a year combined), both in the James DeMile lineage, one under the direction of Sijo John Beall and the other taught by Sifu Michael Banaag.

In 2005 Todd found his first martial arts home under the direction of Sifu Chas Fisher at the Real Wing Chun kung-fu club in Seattle Washington. Today he continues to study Wing Chun with Sifu Chas and has also begun the study of Fuzhou White Crane.

Todd lives in Seattle Washington with his wife of 10 years, Charity, and his 2 Doberman pinschers. When he finds free time, and is not practicing martial arts, Todd enjoys other outdoor activities like running, cycling, and hiking. For gainful employment Todd works as a research scientist at the University of Washington.

Troy K.

Troy grew up in Texas in the 1970’s watching Kung Fu Theatre and practicing western boxing. He continued to box into his 20’s, but began exploring martial arts training as a young adult. The 1st style with which he connected was Diato Ryu Aikijujitsu, but upon relocating to Miami, Florida, he found his way to his first Wing Chun Kung Fu School and has been focused solely on Kung Fu training since then. He currently makes his home in Seattle, Washington and studies Wing Chun and White Crane with Sifu Chas Fisher. Troy feels very grounded in Wing Chun, but considers White Crane to be very freeing and both the energy transmission and improvisational movement reminds him of what he enjoyed most about western boxing.

And now,you see Todd and Troy in Fuzhou Ancestral Crane Sanchin poses:-