From the horse’s mouth.

December 27, 2009

Another well produced CCTV TCMA documentary and here you’ll see excerpts from the “San Huang Pao Chui” or “3 Royal Cannon Fist” episode.

I really love all these continuing efforts over on the mainland, now that conditions are more liberated, TCMA families are becoming more vocal than during the “Cultural Revolution” era…..

The best part must be all that visiting and interviewing the actual descendants of some of the most well-known CKF systems, you’ll get to hear the genuine histories and mechanisms of the various art forms.

Folks, if you understand Mandarin, you’ll know what I mean and if you don’t, let me just say that much of what is popularly circulated now regarding histories etc etc about CKF is nothing more than just work of fiction.

I am working on the “Hong Jia” or “Hungga” piece that I downloaded and I got to tell you, I am finding out how much of what is known as Hungga is just movie industries’ creative story telling……

This is a topic that was first discussed over a dinner in Penang; the week that Chas and I visited…..

With some 8 CKF masters invited, so what else would we be talking about except traditional kung fu?

One master brought up the subject of authenticities and how these days many are just unethically misleading by calling what they teach “authentic” CKF and using whatever names they feel like.

With the easy access of info online, many are just cutting and pasting and putting their own brew to the public as the original thing; when you ask them for lineages and ancestries, you can bet your last dollar that you either get a lot of smoke or hear their contention that these are irrelevant.

The master then went on to say that if the table was turned like for example you are caught selling Rolex, Nike, Prada or Apple knock-offs, you will be liable for all sorts of violation penalties….as we all know.

So what is the difference, he asked? Who is to say that it is acceptable to just plagiarize cultural identities and not brand names???

And even more disdainful is that now you have some of these cultural counterfeiters turning around challenging the very people who created the art forms for originalities!!!

Picture me going to KFC and telling them I am more “real” because I managed to uncover the Colonel’s secret recipe book he left behind during one of his visits, real or imagined, to Asia…..ludicrous is an understatement here right?

Yet this is happening everyday – go to any forum and some websites and you are going to find all sorts of mavericks telling the world that they know better than the founders and their legit descendants.

Then you also got some who are attempting to “amend” the history of CKF disregarding the fact that they are many writings/documents that are passed down through the centuries within clans and families, something that is still very much alive in proper CKF families everywhere…..

Well, what can I say???

Except maybe that we live in a different time and nothing surprises me anymore, really.

And that I’ll walk my sunlit path and these folks can walk their single-wood bridge …….

Here’s an old pic that you see some White Crane sites displaying……

Folks, many of the descendants of those in the pic are still around and these days, they are making themselves heard.