Zhou Jia Lee Kuan’s family.

November 25, 2007


Like I explained in my other entry, this Penang event was put together with big-time help from my Zhou Jia Sihing, Peter Lum.


Peter also took me around and introduced many Penang’s Zhou Jia elders to me and do we have a big family there…


Not surprising, taking into account the fact that my GM, the late Lee Kuan, was based there before moving on to Singapore.


Talk to anyone in Penang Wulin and you are liable to hear of his many exploits and the high esteem folks there still hold.


He must have an immense following in Penang.


One Zhou Jia elder who is extra supportive of my activities is my Sisok, Foong Yee Yen. From giving me a lot of details to showing me some of the most advance forms of Zhou Jia for videos, he was downright giving.


On many occasions, he had to take time of from his day business just so he could help out in expediting some issues that I was facing to get the act together.


And folks, I am really a nobody in Zhou Jia….


So to all my Zhou Jia family in Penang, a super size “thank you”.


I owe you guys a big one…










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