And not forgetting….

November 21, 2007




Top to bottom : Royce Ang, Ivy Lee and Singapore Zhou Jia team.

The 3 group-performances, all notable in their respective ways:-


  • Chinese Martial Art Association, Kuching Sarawak.
  • Singapore Zhou Jia Association.
  • Silat Lincah KL.



The Singapore Zhou Jia were terrific in their renditions of traditional Zhou Jia solo, weapons and 2 men sets; all done in the in-imitable zestful manner that speaks well for the future of Zhou Jia Quan.


I do a little Zhou Jia myself and I think I am in the position to comment that a lot of hard work went into the preparation to produce such a sleek presentation.


Sometimes referred to as “Fast hands Hung Kuen”, the Singapore exponents displayed this speed aspect abundantly throughout.


Much credit has to go to young Sifu Royce Ang – the man responsible for training and assembling this team for the Penang show.


And then there is Ivy Lee, daughter of GM Lee Kam Yuen, who not only took the stage, she also helped tremendously in coordinating the entire Singapore contingent.


To all my Singapore Zhou Jia family – thank you for all your contributions.


Eeeerh, the next time I am in Singapore, tim sum on me……











khoo.gifKhoo Kongsi, Penang.

So there we were, seated in the hotel lobby and just chatting and I recommended that a visit to Penang “Khoo Kongsi” is a must.


Ancestral home of the Khoo family, this site also serves as the library for documents and other materials used by this family in the last couple hundred years.


The architecture of the place is another compelling reason to visit.


Sifu Liu then told me about his ancestral home in Taiwan and walked me through his family history starting from his grandfather, Liu Ku and GM Lin De Shun; the man recognized for spreading “Feeding Crane” outside of the mainland.


In fact, his grandfather’s book “Bai He Quan” is one of the earliest books that I bought as a kid and that book is still with me.


I also found this footage in my collection; Sifu Liu doing and teaching Shihequan in his ancestral home compounds.


Yup, go to really consider his invitation of visiting Taiwan and the Liu family home…


I added music from one of my favorite singers from the 30s/40s – Zhou Xuan…to the clip. When you see me with my MP3 on, especially during a flight, chances are I got non-stop Zhou playing….that or Neil Young.


Fine-looking setting, beautiful music and fabulous Kung Fu – makes me forget the incessant rain that we have been getting here the last few days….