Working 2gather……

November 11, 2007

This is so exciting.

Russ and my company, MY Martial Arts Sdn Bhd, have in-principle agreed to:-

  • Work together in the formulation of a “research society” to promote Malaysia as a compeling site for TCMAs research. With the extraordinary array of resettled TCMAs from China and India, add that to the hundreds of indigenous Silats, it makes perfect sense for anyone to come here to conduct investigations.
  • Jointly publish books and DVDs regarding art forms in Malaysia.
  • Construct and maintain an MA on-line portal. This is really a no-brainer; Russ got one of the most comprehensive MA website and if we incorporate the materials that we have amassed here, this should make us quite a force to be reckoned with.

For a start, we will start blogging together, either in this weblog or start a new one with contributions from the both of us.

Well like I said, this is so exciting, Russ brought along some 160G of videos for me and if my initial glimpse is anything to go by, I will be in for some super fun time …….



Russ & me looking for Karate in Whooping Crane.