TCMA training outmoded?

November 28, 2007

Common to run into views like TCMAs are outmoded; need to be revamped, too many shortcomings against contemporary challenges etc etc…


And everybody got an opinion, starting with “I have all the right answers”..


Personally, a fight is a fight is a fight and I am not talking about “guns” fight here.


Bare hands, knives, sticks fights etc have been around like forever maybe.


MAs is all about training to win in such kind of fights and to argue that “traditional” wisdom is no longer applicable anymore, to me, is presumptuous and flawed.


If you are involved in a traditional fighting form that have survived the last few hundred years, chances are it has been battles and time proven, that or it would have been buried in the corridors of history.


So why all the negativism?


For promoters of a particular genre of fights, it is self-serving to portray others as ineffective.


One misconception is that TCMAs are about forms and learning to perfect them.


Forms are just one component but other essential components are reflected in maxims like:-


“Training only techniques and not gung will get you nothing”.

“First courage/guts, second power/strength and third methods”.


Will be posting more on these but for now, a little short 2 men drill from WuZu designed to train not only techniques but some of the other attributes encapsulated in the above maxims.