Dvds for the show “An Evening of Martial Arts” are now ready for purchase.


This is the first product that we are collaborating with Russ Smith, and it is now available from PlumPub.

 One year in the making, this show features:-


  • Ruan Dong – Whooping Crane
  • Liu Chang I – Feeding Crane
  • Cheong Wai Por – Cho Gar Hay Pun Wing Chun
  • Ku Choy Wah – Cho Gar Bun Chung Wing Chun
  • Tony Yap – Yip Kin Wing Chun
  • Foong Yee Yen – Zhou Jia
  • Singapore Zhou Jia
  • Evert Van De Meulen – Hung Gar
  • Cheong Cheng Loong – Phoenix Eyes Boxing
  • Lee Toh Sheng – Chu Gar Kao
  • Lew Kao Chye – Hakka Tiger
  • Liew Joon Mew – Chu Gar “Internal Jin” Praying Mantis
  • Peter Tan – Chu Gar Praying Mantis
  • Edmond Wong – Hakka Praying Mantis
  • Cheong Hon Heong – Geok Gar
  • Teo Choon Teck – Grand Ancestor
  • Xiong De Lu – 5 Ancestors
  • Ting Huat Yong – Fong Yang
  • Ong Jia Yong – Grand Ancestor Penang
  •  Wong Pak Chong – Chin Woo 7 Stars Praying Mantis
  • Ong Kin Hock – 7 Stars Praying Mantis
  • CMAA – Traditional and Contemporary Wushu
  • Silat Lincah
  • Silambatum
  • Russ Smith – Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate

Also included are 2 performances of Miao Dao and Chuo Jiao from mainland China.





Another love …….

November 13, 2007


Just got to do this … post this pic ….

Raining like crazzzy while I was working on this weblog and the next thing you know, one of my babies decided to snuggle next to my laptop all through the updating.

Really miss them during the 10 days I was away….

Labor of Luv….

November 13, 2007

I have been to countless CKF shows over the years; occasionally performing but mostly just sitting in the audience  watching and totally oblivious to the time/effort that goes into a staging of a show.


Well, all that has changed after this first foray into building and presenting a 2 hrs TCMA show.


They say the devil is in the details – oooooky, try a whole army of devils then.


Starting from conceptualizing to contacting the participants, talking to appropriate authorities, negotiating with the sponsors, venue owner, travel schedules, accommodation …blah blah blah …. I tell you this is labor of LOVE …. Nothing else explains it, for sure.


Just trying to co-ordinate everyone to turn up for the full-rehearsal was, in itself, a challenge. Local masters need to man their businesses, the Singapore team came in the nick of time, some masters left their hotel rooms to check out friends and the list goes on.


Got a clip here of Sifu Liu Chang I taken during the morning rehearsal; this is one hard-working Sifu.


Working repeatedly to get every nuances right, his “Feeding Crane” became one of the highlights of the entire event.


For me, its pure enjoyment to watch a fellow Crane exponent demonstrating the explosive “short-limb” jin that White Crane kung fu is related to and Sifu Liu takes this to a very high level.


I called Sifu Liu in Taiwan after the show and we spoke about his next year’s seminar/workshop circuit in the States.


Well, this is a high in demand man and I would encourage everyone to attend his sessions.


This man got to been seen to be believed.


Thank you Liu Da Ge…..