The mantis and crane master.

June 6, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s been a while since my last entry….

Hectic with this and that, mainly visiting and touching base with the masters here in Kuching; I was away for almost 2 months and it’s good to visit and sip tea and what else? – touch hands of course

And, through friends and other contacts, I was given leads about more masters of TCMA and I went through the same routine of calling, visiting and interviewing them.

Like Sifu Tnay for instance – a Hakka Mantis and Fukien White Crane master, Sifu Tnay has got to the point where his Mantis and White Crane flow seamlessly.

Spending a few hours one afternoon a few days ago, I was taken into his world of traditional training with the late Sifu Chong; a legendary Hakka Mantis master known for his fighting prowess in these parts.

This is the same Sifu Chong I described in my earlier entries – the man famed for his machine-gun like fast lethal hands.

So you can imagine my fixation when I hear Sifu Tnay talks about Chong’s exploits ….. Methinks someone got to get all the details down and write a book ……

Anyway…got Sifu Tnay here doing a short portion of one of his forms.

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