Flying without wing……time.

November 10, 2008

A while back, I was reading a piece in a local dailies about a group of foreigners who visited Sarawak and the author was saying how this is a place that you got to linger for a bit before appreciating the “contentment” that most locals feel.

“Acquired taste” in a way….

I can’t disagree with this viewpoint; after 5 years I am beginning to enjoy the pace and rhythm that is, honestly, quite unique to Kuching.

Now the difficulty is how to pass that to friends visiting for a week or so?

A sampler of course; foods, places and Kung Fu.

So everyday, the agenda is premeditated to get maximum coverage.

But 1 week is simply just not enough, no matter how you try to cut it.

Hey, we barely scratched the surface.

And just like durians, you got to get into the core in order to get the good stuff.

Peter will tell you that!

Anyway, here are 2 clips to give you a “scratch the surface” of Chas/Peter’s “scratched the surface” experience in Kuching Sarawak.

Zhu Jia 朱家教简介

August 18, 2008

It’s been a while since I last browsed youku or

Busy and those Chinese servers, for some reasons, could be very slow.

And I just can’t figure out how to embed or download their clips for posting here.

Anyway I was at 56 today and found a nice clip talking about Zhu Jia Hakka Boxing 朱家教简介.

Click on the link , I think you’ll like this.

Here the intro text for the clip :-

朱家教拳术是传统武术 岭南五拳十三家之一的朱家教拳术,相传取名朱家教以怀念明太祖朱元璋。 流传于广东潮汕、五华一带的南派拳术朱家教属于客家拳种,有着过百年的历史,30年代传入香港后又称朱家螳螂。现年84岁的朱家螳螂国术体育会总监、师从 朱冠华的朱家教传人郑运师傅年纪虽大却不言退,继续发扬正宗的朱家功夫。他说,朱家拳的特点之一是曲直配合,借力打力,出手不回,攻击迅猛。 问他选继承人的标准是甚么呢? 朱家教传人郑运师傅:有仁义道德的人应该要选择,作一些事情不知所谓的就不受欢迎,最主要是不要欺负别人。[

Take it easy – Nope!

August 12, 2008

Just to give you an idea of how time-consuming doing what I do could be sometimes; just getting the pics required from Sifu Liew for the Hakka book saw us visiting him numerous times for photo-sessions.

Its like after one take, we go back, review and decide its not good enough – blah blah blah, you know my creative people are FASTIDIOUS.

And, mind you, Sifu Liew is located about an hour away by car from where we are … long and winding road. Not going to blog about this here but you can read about his neighborhood – 16th mile Siniawan here.

Ooops, this is not exactly where Sifu Liew resides but it’s a very good description of old Siniawan – now left abandoned and fast fading away……

Liew Joon Mew.

August 10, 2008

Trying out a new mode of displaying pictures in this blog.

Got here some thumbnails (click for larger views) of Sifu Liew – he posed for a book that we are working on featuring local Hakka Masters.

Sifu Liew, besides inheriting his father’s kung fu, also studied TCM. First from his father and later in China.

He is a qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who has been serving folks around here for many years.

We are collaborating with him to conduct a series of workshops and short courses for those here who are not familiar with this knowledge….

Beside running a clinic, Sifu Liew also spend time in the jungles to look for plants to turn into medicine.

In fact, many natives in this part are very adept in doing the same and I hear there’s this government aided project ongoing to catalog and produce medicine using this native know-how.

All in the name of biodiversity.

Peter Tan.

July 27, 2008

Here’s another youtube view of Peter Tan, the Hakka Mantis Sifu who was part of our Penang MA show last year.

I was talking to Peter about a week ago, he is based in Miri and comes to Kuching every now and then.

When he does, we usually find time to hang out at one of the corner coffee shops and talk, among other things, his unique Hakka Mantis.

Hmmm, got to persuade him to demo more for my camera……

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s been a while since my last entry….

Hectic with this and that, mainly visiting and touching base with the masters here in Kuching; I was away for almost 2 months and it’s good to visit and sip tea and what else? – touch hands of course

And, through friends and other contacts, I was given leads about more masters of TCMA and I went through the same routine of calling, visiting and interviewing them.

Like Sifu Tnay for instance – a Hakka Mantis and Fukien White Crane master, Sifu Tnay has got to the point where his Mantis and White Crane flow seamlessly.

Spending a few hours one afternoon a few days ago, I was taken into his world of traditional training with the late Sifu Chong; a legendary Hakka Mantis master known for his fighting prowess in these parts.

This is the same Sifu Chong I described in my earlier entries – the man famed for his machine-gun like fast lethal hands.

So you can imagine my fixation when I hear Sifu Tnay talks about Chong’s exploits ….. Methinks someone got to get all the details down and write a book ……

Anyway…got Sifu Tnay here doing a short portion of one of his forms.

Managed to upload one more clip after organizing and packing my stuff for the trip; took up a big chunk of the day….

Taken from our Penang workshops DVDs, you’ll see:-

·         Sifu Liu Chang I – Feeding Crane

·         Sifu Chong Cheng Loong – Phoenix Eyes

·         Sifu Lew Joon Mew – Hakka Praying Mantis

·         Sifu Ruan Dong – Whooping Crane

·         Sifu Peter Tan – Hakka Mantis

·         Sifu Ku Choy Wah – Ban Chung Wing Chun

·         Sifu Tony Yap – Yip Kin Wing Chun

·         Sensei Russ Smith – Goju Ryu

These DVDs will be available for purchase soon.

Watch this space……